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Science, God, & Intelligent-Design:
Why all three matter in the 2006 Ohio elections
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Thursday Oct 26
11:30 am Case Western Reserve University fmi: click here
                                             webcast will be archived & available for viewing asap
7pm  Clarion Hotel, I-71 & Pfeiffer Road – (Exit 15), Cincinnati  fmi: click here
                                                       over 300 people attended!
Friday Oct 27
11:30am Ohio State University    Byrd Polar Research Center, 240 Scott Hall
                                                                        1090 Carmack Rd, Columbus
                                                                      fmi: email Steve
4pmKent State University    Student Center Room 310 
                                                                      fmi: email Dave
7pmUniversity of AkronZook Hall Room 110
                                                      fmi: email Lisa

Saturday Oct 28

1pm        Oberlin, First Churchfmi: click here
Ken Miller is a scientist and a believer, who sees religious faith and science as fully compatible --including Darwinian evolution. He has worked to improve the public understanding of evolution, answering challenges such as “intelligent design” and has debated a number of anti-evolutionists. Miller believes it is crucial for America to move past the false assertion that people must be forced to somehow choose between accepting evolution and believing in God.

Science education in Ohio must be strengthened in order to move Ohio's economy forward.

Miller is the bestselling author of Finding Darwin's God and co-author of High School Biology Textbooks used nationwide

Miller was the lead expert witness in the Kitzmiller v. Dover School District "intelligent-design" trial in 2005
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