HOPE for Ohio Education
Help Ohio Public Education
We need Leaders with a Plan, Not an Agenda    
District 5:   Bryan Williams
District 7:              Sarah Fowler
District 9:                  
District 6:   Michael Collins
since Aug 11, 2006
   Stephanie Dodd
Remember, most Ohio taxpayers can get a tax CREDIT of $50 ($100 for married filing jointly) when you donate to state Board of Ed candidates.

Check with your tax advisor to see if you are eligible!
Congratulations to these
Ohio Board of  Education members elected in 2012!
BOE races are non-partisan and so is HOPE. Our report below is for the 7 Districts electing representatives Nov 6, 2012.  We look forward to working with you!
District 11:
  Mary Rose Oakar
District 10:    Jeff Hardin
District 1:      Ann Jacobs