District 11
Help Ohio Public Education
We need Leaders with a Plan, Not an Agenda     

BOE races are non-partisan and so is HOPE. Our recommendation below is for District 11 for the Nov 8, 2016 election. 
District 11 comprises approximately two thirds of Cuyahoga County, including Cleveland, plus part of Lake County. 
   Meryl Johnson
We are supporting Ms. Johnson for State Board of Education District 11. 
Her main opponent is a creationist. 

The District 11 seat currently held by Mary Rose Oakar and previously held by Virgil Brown, who was very reliably pro-science during his tenure on the Board (both were term-limited out) now has 4 candidates running: Meryl Johnson, Richard Montgomery, Bill Lavezzi and Amy Zuren. 
Mrs. Zuren wants to teach creationism in schools.
The other 2 are good candidates but we can only endorse one. Otherwise the 3 will split the pro-science vote & the anti-science candidate will win. Johnson is endorsed by the Democratic party and by outgoing pro-science Board member Mary Rose Oakar and Rep Fudge. This makes her the pro-science candidate most likely to win. And there are many other reasons why she's the right person for the job.
And she has a radio show 'It's About Justice', Saturdays from 1pm to 2pm on WRUW 91.1 fm. Listen online at wruw.org
Remember, most Ohio taxpayers can get atax CREDITof $50 ($100 for married filing jointly) when you donate to state Board of Ed candidates.
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