HOPE for Ohio Education
Help Ohio Public Education
We need Leaders with a Plan, Not an Agenda     

 Ohio citizens who have a sincere interest in improving our public educational system have formed HOPE. We have HOPE that Ohio's educational policy-makers will focus on the current and future educational needs of our students and state to improve education so that we all can HOPE for a brighter future and better educational opportunities for our children.

  Specifically, we have HOPE for:

LEADERSHIP    The Ohio Board of Education must accept its proper 
leadership role in solving Ohio's public education

CURRICULUM   Ohio must have a modern and dynamic curriculum that 
meets the future needs of Ohio's children, jobs and

FUNDING     For years Ohio's educational system has floundered as it
tried to find an effective and equitable way to pay
bills and recruit talented educators. We need fresh
ideas; Ohio's Board of Education must be at the
center of that effort.

INTEGRITY   Ohio's Board of Education is not open in its processes. 
Formal, legal actions have been required to
demonstrate that stated rationales for decisions have
not always been accurate.

FUTURE    Is your child's education better now than it was eight years
ago?  Will it be in four more years?  We need
leaders with a plan, not an agenda.

PROFESSIONALISM  Public meetings of the Board often feature 
unprofessional behavior that has no place in the
leadership of our educational system. 

HOPE's initial focus will be on recruiting and supporting serious committed candidates for the Ohio Board of Education.  We then hope to help raise the profile of the Board, and the resources available to it, in order to help them address the issues of concern, build a better curriculum and more functional schools, and ultimately to help to move Ohio to the front ranks of education in this country.

This website offers information on current Board of Ed elections. HOPE balances many factors in making recommendations, including past performance on the BOE or in other elected office, as well as discussions with candidates.

Pending decisions will be made after the filing deadline. 
Advisory Board

Lawrence Krauss
Arizona State University

Rev. George Coyne
Vatican Observatory
Vatican City, Rome, Italy

Rabbi Richard A. Block
The Temple-Tifereth Israel
Beachwood, OH

Frank Kelley
Dean, Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering
University of Akron
Akron, OH

John Neth
Fmr Science Staff,
Ohio Dept of Education
Groveport, OH

Mary Lightbody
Fmr President
Science Educators of Central Ohio
Worthington, OH

Cynthia Beall
Member, National Academy of Sciences
Sarah Idell Pyle Professor of Anthropology
Case Western Reserve University

Cyrus Taylor
Interim Dean, Arts & Sciences
Case Western Reserve University

Hillel Chiel
Professor of Biology, Neurosciences, and Biomedical Engineering 
Case Western Reserve University

Steve Rissing 
Professor of Evolutionary Biology
The Ohio State University
Columbus, OH

Patricia Princehouse
Evolutionary Biology Program, 
Case Western Reserve University

Scott Moody
Asociate Professor of Biology
Ohio University
Athens, Ohio

Lonnie G. Thompson
Member, National Academy of Sciences, Distinguished University Professor
Byrd Polar Research Center
The Ohio State University
Columbus, OH

Richard Morrison
Molded Fiber Glass Co.
Ashtabula, Ohio